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Poems and Stories

Friday, July 13, 2012

Walk Away

First off I want to say
That every time you leave
That piece of you in my heart fades
It comes to a point where I don't want to think about you
Don't want mention our name
The point where my tears turn into a fake pain
It was so fake that
That little voice in my head was to fooled to tell me

Then you blame me for no communication
How dare you when you left me so high and dry
When your the one that moved
And left me so lost and confused
I just hate that I love you
So much, that I forget my pride

And congrats, I bought one of those tickets to your show
I was so impressed so
I brought tens of millions of people just to see your role
It became so intriguingly dramatic that I had to go
It wasn't good enough for me to continue counting the breaths
I wasted on you and your sorry excuse
So see you later
I hope to hear some more copies and re-writes
In the course of time
Another day
Whatever go ahead and do what you do best and walk away

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