Poems and Stories

Poems and Stories

Friday, July 13, 2012

Walk Away

First off I want to say
That every time you leave
That piece of you in my heart fades
It comes to a point where I don't want to think about you
Don't want mention our name
The point where my tears turn into a fake pain
It was so fake that
That little voice in my head was to fooled to tell me

Then you blame me for no communication
How dare you when you left me so high and dry
When your the one that moved
And left me so lost and confused
I just hate that I love you
So much, that I forget my pride

And congrats, I bought one of those tickets to your show
I was so impressed so
I brought tens of millions of people just to see your role
It became so intriguingly dramatic that I had to go
It wasn't good enough for me to continue counting the breaths
I wasted on you and your sorry excuse
So see you later
I hope to hear some more copies and re-writes
In the course of time
Another day
Whatever go ahead and do what you do best and walk away

Bad Will Do As Bad Does

They say she is hardheaded
She lives for him and only him
But he hits her until she is unable to remember what happened
She is confused and lost
It is as though she ran away from the straight path
Not searching for a way back
She lies to her family and friends
And tries to convince them he is a good man

As she weakens, she begins to lose herself in anger
She sits around as if hope will come knocking on her door
She is young and made decisions to early
She used to love the attention from this man
Now she feels unwanted
She has no escape plan
And now she is pregnant and attached to this cold man
She is punished as if she is an animal or child

Impatiently awaiting her hero
Someone to save the day
Until the baby is born
And she gets beat extra
And she doesn't mind
As long as he is not touching the child, she's okay
All this until one day
She works up the nerve to run
And she runs so far that her feet bleed and her arms weaken from holding the baby
She cant stop there because if he finds her, he will kill her
So she changes her and her babies name then she starts a new life not under the radar of that sorry excuse for a man

How I Became To Love Poetry

      Well in 6th grade I had a teacher named Ms.Lloyd and she was my reading teacher. In class she would have us write poetry in our poetry journals. At first, I played around and didn't care much until me and my best friend got into a fight and I wrote a poem about her. My teacher never does it but she had people stand in front of the class and read their poem. You will never guess who she called on last. Me!!!!!. So I got up and held my poetry book so tight. There was no finding another poem to read since my teacher read everyone's poem to see if they just stand up and make up something off the top of their head. Well anyways there was no way out of this sticky situation...so I read it. I tried not to look at my best friends face as I got to the middle of my poem but I just couldn't resist and so I did. I was surprised, she'd looked so calm like she didn't have a clue I was talking about her. As I was done, my teacher stood up clapping like a maniac. She told me that my poem was amazing, the best poem she had ever seen a sixth grader write, she also asked if she could show the other teachers. I was amazed. At the end of the school day I went apologize to my friend since it WAS my fault for us being mad at each other. Then she forgave me and asked, "was that poem about me?". I stumbled with my words," uh, uh, uh, no, yes, maybe, a little, sorry". She ended up not caring weather it was or not. Anyways moving forward a few months, there was a poem reading contest. Everyone had to participate. We had to chose a poem from a book, famous or non-famous poet, or we write our own. Well to be lazy I chose a famous poet. My favorite poet ever....drum-roll please.....Maya Angelou. I chose my favorite poem of hers "I Love the Look of Words"- I studied it and everything seeing as though our class would have to visit another class and preform for them and they score how we did on a sheet of paper. We had to do the movement and say they words flamboyantly....Just kidding....we had to say it like we were trying to convince somebody of what we were saying. Anyways I had it all down until everyone had went and it was my turn. I just stood there, like a stick and said the poem. I had a really bad score.

       So to skip a few years of not writing poetry. My sister showed me a few poems of her own. They were good. I mean they were really good. So I became jealous. I do that a lot, meaning when I know I am great at something and I see someone else do it and they're pretty great too, well I become jealous so that I can get better at it. It's a pretty messed up way to try to become better at something but everyone has their own way of doing stuff. Anyways, so we challenged each other. Well a poem writing contest. We decided for the contest we would write a poem for each other. My poem was called "My Sisters Keeper". It was amazing. I never knew I could write anything so good. Hers was called... Well... Um... I kinda forgot. Anyways it doesn't matter because I lost mines anyways...by accident of course. I was so busy trying to show everyone that in the process of it getting passed around... Well... I don't know what happened to it.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed this dreadfully long story of mine. Stay tuned for more poem and stories.

About Me, Mariyah

     Well hi, my name is Mariyah and yes I am a Muslim. I love to write poetry. (Sigh) Yes, this is my first time blogging and I have to say it is pretty cool. I encourage you to try it. Well anyways I was born and raised in D.C, Maryland, and Virginia. Then when I was about 7, I moved to Pennsylvania and lived there for two years. Me and my family just couldn't stop missing our roots so we moved back home. It was cool in PA but I was beginning to become homesick. I first started to write poetry in the sixth grade. Then later started to do it more often. I love animals and I have always been obsessed with animals. I've been around animals since I was an infant and I never stopped wanting to help them. Right now I am in high school. My parents are cool (so people say) and my 4 brothers and 2 sisters are definitely a handful but god always gets me through the day. When I get I out of college (If I can figure out what I want to go in for) I hope to be a successful woman. I love photographing nature. Well I guess I love photographing everything, you will be surprise what weird things you can catch on camera. I love to cook, bake, babysit, photograph, dress-up (knowing that I am only in my house that does), learning, ummm I definitely love animals, and probably many more stuff. I hope you enjoyed hearing about boring old me.

Stay tuned for more poems and stories.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Love & Hate

     Love, Oh love, why should you be so important? Why should you be so special that such fools make a day for you? You keep someone with a person they hate to be with but because they have faith in you they stay? Why? You are wise and you are the best at what you do. Without you there would be no peace… which is so not true. Do you actually think peace needs you? Don't get confused peace is not love and love is no peace. But of course you are right love CAN influence peace as love can influence hate too. (sigh) Hate, we finally reached you. You are a lies, truth, you are good at what you do and without you well… we would be better off. I dislike love but unlike love I dislike you more. See love make people fall hard and you open up the trap door. To us you 2 seem at war. But it is as almost like the circle of life. Love turns into Hate, then Hate into love. Hidden from the truth of your disguised partnership. Oblivious to the fact that we fall back into the place where Love turns to Hate. When all we want is to strive to get above, we fall into this place where Hate turns to Love. But what do I know right???? 
Till next time.......